No Future Support for JNI

by Harish Pandey » Tue, 30 Dec 2008 03:12:55 GMT

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 JNI is working fine in the first release of Android
SDK & we tested.
If JNI is not supported in future releases then the Android phones
will not be able to RUN lot of Application written in JSR.
Currently there are so many free java apps written in JSR(e.g by using
JSR135, JSR180 etc) which rely on the platforms native API to realise.
                 Also lot of intelligent code has already been
wriiten in C, C++ by many phone companies like Motorola, Nokia which
are very tested & already in production phones. In future if they want
to leverage these codes thru java apps to Android platform, it wld not be
without JNI or something similar to it.



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