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 Bagaimana cara pakainya ya bos?

Sent from Motorola Milestone

Dah coba ?
Ada di market
Katanya social networking gitu  , tp update ststusnya nya brupa 3 detik


Lucky Sebastian
@ n e x u s  one



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1. Problem in getting height of web-view

I have a HTML file in a  web view.

I want to find the length of the content of that HTML file.

I have tried methods like getContentHeight() at onPageFinished() but
it still giving me "0".

I had also put a thread which start after onPageFinished() and waits
till 10-15 sec but I am still not able to find the Height Please help

Brijesh Masrani


2. AutoCompleteTextView DropDown leaves "ghost" elements in View / IME area

When typing in an AutoCompleteTextView, when the list shrinks because
the number of matches goes down, the DropDown leaves several "ghost"
elements on the screen. This only seems to happen when an IME is
visible, and visually, it appears to be limited to the area that shows
the autocomplete suggestions for the input method, so quite possibly
it's happening in what is part of the IME's layout.
This occurs in 2.0.1, 2.1 and 2.2 emulators, and most likely on
devices as well (confirmed at least on Milestone running 2.1-
upgrade1). It _does not_ seem to happen in an 1.6 emulator.

I've posted a bug report here:
(with screenshot)

For now I'm desperate to find a workaround, I can't push this feature
in my app in its current condition.
One idea I thought of is to force the IME to refresh its View,
however, I have no idea how to access that from my code (if it's at
all possible).


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