by TAMZIL NURDIN » Fri, 26 Feb 2010 07:26:44 GMT

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 Bagaimana cara pakainya ya bos?

Sent from Motorola Milestone

Dah coba ?
Ada di market
Katanya social networking gitu  , tp update ststusnya nya brupa 3 detik


Lucky Sebastian
@ n e x u s  one



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1. ADC2 Question Updates

Dan Morrill, etc.

We are working on an app for ADC2.  While we've spent a great deal of
time of the past 2 months working on the application (front and
backend), we're nearing completion as the date arrives.

In the unlikely event that a bug slips through, will we have to
release the application immediately to the market after the contest
ends?  Will our package name / app name be reserved?   I'm concerned
that we release our app, it has some issue, we work on it, but we
don't have it changed in time for whatever reason prior to the
conclusion of the contest.  I don't want someone to squat on the name
that we captured.

Will ALL users be able to see the applications that we submit to the
ADC2 immediately?  Or will this go to a subset of users (judges) at

If don't make it to round 2, does our app HAVE to go to the Market

Thanks for your help and clarification around the contest  -- the
whole User feedback which may be a great idea, gives us shivers if
there is a problem and we're not able to fix it.  We want to make sure
our app is seen in its best light.


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Hi all,

Aurora 1.0 is available in MarketPlace. It's not only a device search tool.
What's more, Aurora makes operations on resources super easy. User can
complete most actions by using shortcut button and context menu in aurora.
Features include:

   - Dynamic full-text search as typing.
   - Quick access my data.
   - Intelligent search based on my behavior.
   - Quick share with my friends.
   - Convenient web address/search bar.
   - Convenient dialer bar.
   - My favorite list

Any comments and bug reports are highly appreciated.  Enjoy it! Thank you!


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