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 Bagaimana cara pakainya ya bos?

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Dah coba ?
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1. Web Service response not getting.


I am working on parsing one web service in Android project with java

I am able to parse one similar web service for 10 data in response to
HTTP Post but i can not get response for actual web service all for
160 data in web service calling through HTTP Post method.

Please help me. both web service are same but only response data size
is differ.


2. Help with Null Pointer Exception Error

OK so I successfully got my app working with a few real-time graphs.
I do all of my graph updating in my one activity of my tabbed app.
However I wanted to now move the updating of my graph data into a
service such that the data can still be collected and populated while
the app is in the background, i.e. not in focus.  But for the life of
me I keep getting a null pointer exception error and i can't solve
It is difficult to post all of the code in this post, so perhaps i
link it and just describe what i am attempting.

the 2 activities in question are RegistersActivity, which does all
graph functions, and BatteryCalibratorService, which i want to only
call on RegistersActivity and update the graph accordingly.

with all the code placed in one activity, RegistersActivity, the
populates correctly just fine.  but as soon as i move my handler and
runnable to
my service, and attempt to call on my activity function from the
service, i get the NPE.  specifically the error happens at line 91
mDisplay.populateGraph(); of this service:

the error happens simultaneously when i call my populateGraph
from my service, it errors at line 290 mCurrentSeries.clear(); of the

the errors are linked, i.e. one is caused by the other, but i just
can't understand why.  with all code in one main activity, everything
works just fine.  but as soon as i try to use a service to call on my
activity function (mDisplay.populateGraph()), i get the null pointer
exception error.

Hope this isn't too much to ask.  and yes i am a very novice/
beginner/moderate coder, so please forgive if this is a dumb
question!  thanks.


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