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 Bagaimana cara pakainya ya bos?

Sent from Motorola Milestone

Dah coba ?
Ada di market
Katanya social networking gitu  , tp update ststusnya nya brupa 3 detik


Lucky Sebastian
@ n e x u s  one



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1. Block incoming calls without disabling Bluetooth - i.e., DND (do not disturb) mode

I'm working on an app that should have the ability to disable incoming
calls for a user-specified period of time.  It should work much the
way a "DND" (do not disturb) button works on an office phone.

I've looked over the SDK, and I can't find any way to send phone calls
to voicemail without putting the phone in airplane mode.  That would
be OK if I could re-enable Bluetooth.  I'd like the user to be able to
listen to music via a Bluetooth headset while phone calls are blocked.

In summary, any of the following would work I could do them from my

1) Programmatically send all calls to voicemail (like a "DND" button)
- this would be ideal since it would still be in the call log at the
end of the "do not disturb" time.

2) Intercept the incoming call in my app and bounce it

3) Disable all radios but Bluetooth (Wi-Fi would be OK too.)

4) Prevent the built-in phone call app from displaying its incoming
call screen (I can disable the ringer and vibration) even though the
call is received

Is any of these possible?  Or maybe another approach I haven't thought

Just a side note: For Android phones to be the best possible
productivity tool, it should be possible to use a device for email/
Internet/apps without receiving constant interruptions from calls.
Humans have a significant context-switch time.




2. OOT : Reminder mir...@springhills.

Jangan lupa ya bsk sore (minggu,11/07/10) jam 17pm-selesai :)

TIA. -----------------
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