Kernel driver for National Instruments USB-6251 device

by jm » Tue, 12 Jan 2010 20:23:02 GMT

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Has any one done any work towards building a USB driver for any of the
National Instruments multifunction I/O devices (specifically the NI-
USB-6251...) ?

I have downloaded the Linux 2.7 DDK from NI, which provides the source
for a generic kernel driver, but I have never rebuilt (or modified) a
Linux kernel before.

Are there pointers to any 'how-to' pages/docs available?


Kernel driver for National Instruments USB-6251 device

by Greg KH » Tue, 12 Jan 2010 20:26:35 GMT


Is this a USB device (where you plug it into a USB host), or a USB
host controller
where you are going to be running Android with it as the host controller?

Have you read, "Documentation/HOWTO" in the Linux kernel source tree?
If not, I suggest starting there, that is what it was written for :)

good luck,

greg k-h

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Kernel driver for National Instruments USB-6251 device

by jm » Tue, 12 Jan 2010 20:39:31 GMT

 Hi Greg,

Thx for the fast response.

Yes, there is a USB device (NI-USB-6251), and a Motorola Droid will be
the USB Host Controller.
Thanks for the ref to the doc - will start there and come back to this
thread with any questions.


> greg k-h

Kernel driver for National Instruments USB-6251 device

by jm » Fri, 15 Jan 2010 21:18:21 GMT

 Nope. No idea that this will not work.

Are you saying that the Motorola hardware cannot support the role of a
USB Host Contoller?

> greg k-h

Kernel driver for National Instruments USB-6251 device

by jm » Fri, 15 Jan 2010 21:32:17 GMT

 The kernel mods, I agree need to be performed - I have the driver
source from device manufacturer (generically, for Linunx 2.6.x) and
currently in the middle or re-building the kernel.

But you raise a good question of the USB controller on the phone - I
assumed (most likely incorrectly...) that it would support the role of
a host.

trying the keyboard...

> greg k-h

Kernel driver for National Instruments USB-6251 device

by jm » Mon, 18 Jan 2010 15:23:37 GMT

 No keyboards to be found that feature a micro-usb connector
(MotorolaDroid uses a micro...), so no-joy yet. No converter cables

As far as a USB driver, I got libusb to compile (ARM) and run on the
It's nice since it strictly user-space, and does not require any
kernel mods.
However, it wants the usbfs to be mounted, which you can't do with
rooting the phone (un-desireable, in my case).

> > greg k-h

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