HTC Magic, is PhoneNumberUtils.PAUSE different?

by Alejandro » Mon, 27 Apr 2009 12:37:42 GMT

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 I am getting reports that the in the HTC Magic the character that
represents the pause in a dial string is different than in the Google
build of cupcake. In the SDK 1.5 pre-release, the pause is given by a
','. Apparently, in the HTC magic, the pause is given by a 'p'.
Unfortunately, I don't currently have the means to test this. Does
anyone know if the PhoneNumberUtils.PAUSE member in the HTC magic
build reflects this change? Have any other functions in
PhoneNumberUtils changed in order to support this?

Thank you,


HTC Magic, is PhoneNumberUtils.PAUSE different?

by Alejandro » Thu, 25 Jun 2009 14:05:38 GMT

 The Rogers HTC Magic phone is using the 'p' as a pause, but it seems
they haven't changed the PhoneNumberUtils.PAUSE to reflect this. This
is rather unfortunate, because it makes the Rogers build non-standard
and my app breaks. I would hope in the future there are no more
deviations of the standard SDK, otherwise, developing for the Android
platform will become harder.



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