ADB blue-screen when installing my app

by Mike Collins » Fri, 21 Nov 2008 01:07:22 GMT

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 The signed, release build .apk works on the emulator just fine.

On a 32-bit Windows XP/Pro SP3 box I can get ADB to see
the physical phone, e.g. adb devices lists the device.  But
every attempt to install (adb install xxxx.apk) blue-screens
the box.

Any ideas? tia,

  mike collins


ADB blue-screen when installing my app

by Mike Collins » Fri, 21 Nov 2008 09:21:12 GMT

 This appears to be due to the USB drivers only working with USB 2
and failing with USB 1 devices.

On a Win32 box with both USB ports, using the USB 2 works just fine,
using the USB 1 port blue screens every time.



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