"Swipe" to next screen

by Eddie Ringle » Tue, 20 Apr 2010 20:12:06 GMT

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 If you look at the Google News & Weather app, you can "swipe" over to the
next page. Anyone know how this is done?
I'm suspecting that it is all one activity, the tabs at the top are a custom
TabView, and it works similar to that?

Eddie Ringle


"Swipe" to next screen

by patbenatar » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 03:26:42 GMT

 I would assume this is done by having the Views you'd like the user to
be able to switch between with a fling of the finger all contained
within one Activity and in that Activity you can listen for
MotionEvents on the currently displaying View. When you detect the
event you're looking for (a swipe, in this case.. although I don't
know how exactly to detect certain gestures) you can use an animation
(Google for "android animation") to push the current View off screen,
replacing it with the next one.

I have seen this tutorial posted on this group before regarding this
topic:  http://whyandroid.com/android/174-flipping-your-views.html  ... 
I have not tried it, however.



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"Swipe" to next screen

by abisai rangel » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 04:39:29 GMT

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"Swipe" to next screen

by Eddie Ringle » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 18:14:41 GMT

 Okay, thanks. Just wanted a second opinion.

> >

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