About theme named in android dev!

by cgifish » Tue, 25 May 2010 01:59:42 GMT

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 what different between xml and java code for define a theme name?e.g.
name="Theme.Translucent" in xml  and refer it with the method
setTheme(R.styles.Theme_Translucent). why?


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1. SlideME Launch Details

To keep everyone in the loop, I wanted to mention more details about the
SlideME launch.

First, I'll go down and pick up a G1 from retail on the 22nd. I'll run SAM
on it and make sure everything looks okay. Then sometime on the 22nd, we
will do a soft (or beta) launch, meaning we won't advertise to the general
user community, although of course we expect users from day one. Instead, I
will ping this list, telling developers where to download SAM. You can
download to either the G1 or to your emulator.

For the next 7-10 days, you can test out SAM, report bugs, give feedback.
You will also be able to see how your descriptions look, make any changes to
the catalog data, test out your application. If you have a paid app, you
will be able to mark it with a price. It will show up in the catalog, but
will not be downloadable until we enable billing. Expect fairly frequent
updates to the client during the first 7-10 days.

After the beta launch looks good (7-10 days), we will release the first
version non-beta version of SAM, which includes billing.  At this point, we
expect releases to slow down and we will start advertising to the general
user community and some of you can start getting paid. This 7-10 days will
also give developers time to fix their apps before the heavy traffic starts
coming in.

I'm also pleased to say that we will be releasing SlideVille fairly soon as
well: http://slideme.org/slideville. Users will be able to view the SlideME
catalog, purchase applications and sync to their G1 device, all from their
desktop. I'll ping the list with more details on SlideVille as they become

Thanks and good luck to everyone,


2. Anyone have data on GPS subscribers

I see a rash of location based apps being built for Android and
Iphone, No question that location will be available to all and for
cheap eventually, but what is the state of that market right now?

- Dont all US providers charge extra for GPS service?
- How about in Europe and Asia? Is it bundled in always or purchased
as an a la carte add-on?
- This is the big question: Anyone know what percentage of US and non-
US subscribers have reasonably accurate location info (whether GPS,
WPS, Tv signal or other) available on their handset?
- Most commercially available GPS services on handsets are only good
to about 50m accuracy is that correct?

Again, I know all this will trend towards cheaper, faster, more
accurate and more widespread, etc, but I'm just wondering what the
state of the market is at the moment and how fast is it trending
towards where we would all like it to be. Any specific data/statistics/
metrics would be appreciated. I see a frenzy among developers to churn
out LBS apps but I wonder if most of them are in for a disappointment
in the near-term.


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