Problem with Quick Search Box: ContentProvider with a custom non-sqlite datasource

by Charlie Chilton » Sat, 03 Jul 2010 15:42:07 GMT

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I've been trying to implement a quick search feature to my app
Thinking Space this weekend without much success..

I've created a searchable.xml, modified the app's manifest, and
created a 'dummy' content provider. My app doesn't use SQLite for
data, as the searchable objects are MindMaps that are stored in XML
files on the SDCard, so my trouble is with trying to get the Quick
Search system to use my dummy content provider.

My initial goal is just to have the opened map searchable, with the
user's search queries being performed in code against the Java object
model of the currently opened MindMap.

The problem is, that when the using the Quick Search Box, I can see
the search query string arrive at my dummy content provider's query()
method, but the main Activity doesn't get it's onCreate() called with
a search intent; I suspect that this is because the dummy
contentprovider returns Null for the cursor in the query() method, and
then the SearchManager assumes there are no results to bother the
activity with.

Has anyone else had success in utilising the Quick Search
Functionality with non-SQLite datastores? Or should I abandon trying
to use the Quick Search functionality like this, and implement my own
method of doing it?

Any help appreciated!




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