Anyway to detect if Broadcast Receiver is registered?

by Sam » Fri, 12 Mar 2010 00:24:03 GMT

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I'm using more than 1 instance of MapActivity in an application that
look different from each other. I'm running into an issue sometimes
when leaving a MapActivity doesn't unregister it's BroadcastReceiver
and going Back to resume the MapActivity page it tries to re-register
the receiver again, thus receiving an Exception that Receiver already

Anyone know of a way to tell if a Broadcastreceiver is registered and
is listening?



Anyway to detect if Broadcast Receiver is registered?

by jeffkpayne » Tue, 30 Mar 2010 03:10:14 GMT

 I was wondering the same thing.  In my case I have a BroadcastReceiver
implementation that calls
Context#unregisterReceiver(BroadcastReceiver) passing itself as the
arg after handling the Intent that it receives.  There is a small
chance that the receiver's onReceive(Context, Intent) method is called
more than once, since it is registered with multiple IntentFilters,
creating the potential for an IllegalArgumentException being thrown
from Context#unregisterReceiver(BroadcastReceiver).

In my case I can store a private synchronized member to check before
calling Context#unregisterReceiver(BroadcastReceiver), but it would be
much cleaner if the API provided a check method.


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