Where are the Android Sources, like strings display on the device,where are they?

by Chi Kit Leung » Tue, 08 Sep 2009 09:35:19 GMT

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 do you mean the characters set or just displaying a string on screen?

Michael Leung


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dear rekan rekan,saya baru baca nehh di engadget :


Versi eropa dari N1 dilengkapi dengan multitouch ,just like kasus
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Hi Everyone,

Currently I have two threads, other than the UI thread, which need to
communicate with each other. Thread one needs to be able to send
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At the minute, my code looks like this:

runnable1 = new myRunnable();
runnable2 = new myOtherRunnable(runnable1);
sThread = new Thread(runnable1);

Then, inside runnable1, I've got:

public void run() {
        Thread otherThread = new Thread(runnable2);
        .....*snipped code*.....
        if (event){

Thread two is in a constant sleep loop, until he is interrupted, at
which point he'll check his message queue and act on it.


I feel like there should be a better way to do this - this looks
particularly messy to me:
"runnable1 = new myRunnable();
runnable2 = new myOtherRunnable(runnable1);

Add the fact I'm going to add a third thread that will also need to
send messages to and get messages from thread 2, which makes my head
near to exploding point thinking about it.

Should I be using callbacks/interfaces? Is there a good place to read
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Many thanks,

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