removing Phone.apk from the device

by RajaniKanth » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 18:09:39 GMT

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 Hi All,
          To remove PhoneApp form the device, i followed the below

1) Execute 'adb remount' to mount /system folder in rw mode.
2) telnet to logint to phone.
3) Execute 'rm /system/app/Phone.apk' to remove apk.
4) Execute 'rm /data/dalvik-cache/sys...@app@phone....@classes.dex'
to remove the running instance of the Phone app
5) Execute ' cd /data/data' and 'rm -R rm -R' to
remove the personal data of Phone App.

Even after doing all these setps, PhoneApp is still running on the

Is it due to the android:persistent="true"attribute in
AndroidManifest.xml file.

Could you please help me in removing Phone App from the device.



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