CANNOT manage to get ADB working whatever I do.

by HLL » Fri, 28 May 2010 03:52:15 GMT

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 Hay everyone,

I Want to start developing for android and for some reason whatever I
do I can not make ADB show up my Nexus One.

Both on and off in development mode
Both SD Mount and without SD Mount
Both With usb tethering on and off

for all "adb devices"(windows XP64bit) show no device (service started
successfully, device recognized in Device Manager correctly).

Tried reinstalling drivers, tried uninstalling drivers
completely(using 3rd party software) and reinstalling, tried different
versions of the usb driver (up to the one before the last - that came
with the 2.1 sdk)
It seems online that this issue reoccurs on different devices, but all
of them seemed to solve with one of the above solutions, Which none
worked for me.

It does not look like a hardware problem, because EVERYTHING else that
is USB'ed works correctly.

Any non-already tried idea would be appreciated.



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