Latitude lg error?

by Alex Chandra » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 18:24:53 GMT

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 Smua list friends gw di latitude dbilang 'Not Yet Responded'.. ada yg
ngalamin hal yg sama??
Btw, ini bkn cumen di N1 gw.. di iGoogle lewat PC jg trjadi hal yg sama..


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the net.dns1 property is set by the ConnectivityService when it switches
networks.  The WifiStateTracker is supposed to give the ConnectivityService
a list of properties it uses to store dns values and then the CS will copy
them when appropriate.

You should verify that your WifiStateTracker is telling connectivityservice
your dhcp.wlan0.dns1, dns2, etc properties (see the WifiStateTracker
constructor - it uses the system property "wifi.interface" to specify the
interface name and constructs "dhcp.<iface>.dns1" for you).

Next you have to make sure that the ConnectivityService thinks wifi is the
active network and is trying to copy your dns entries.  This should be
obvious from the logs.


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