Redirecting log output?

by Faber Fedor » Thu, 19 Mar 2009 00:50:21 GMT

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 I want to log messages on my ADP to the sd card.  I was hoping to use the
built-in Log.x() functionality but I don't see any way to redirect the
output of Log.x().

Do I have to create my own logging object just to store messages on my sd


Faber Fedor
Linux New Jersey


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shipping option), turned it on, and tried to get the AT&T APN
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So I began loading apps, etc. and began to develop a bond with it.
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morning, the green charge light was on, but the phone was completely
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But, the green light stayed on.  Popped the battery, and the light
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TMoble folks did the test swap again (gotta love 'em), but to no
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So I emailed/called BrightStarCorp again today and tried to get the
RMA going again.  Their support people were nothing but friendly, but
their "RMA person" had already left for the weekend.  2:30 my time.
4:30 their time.

I'm not a happy camper.  I wanted to at least get an address & RMA#
before the weekend so I could get it to UPS and on the way.  No such
luck.  Nobody could do an RMA except their RMA person.

I asked if I could do an "Advance RMA", giving my CC# and an order as
collateral for the dead phone.  No such luck.  BrightStar's people
were all very courteous and sympathetic, but I still have a brick.

I was told that it will be 1-2 weeks for a replacement.  Add that to
this lost weekend (when it could have been in-transit), and it could
very well be next year before I get a replacement.  The Grinch may
have stolen my Christmas.

So ya, I'm not too pleased with the BrightStar's RMA policies at all,
but I'm apparently at their mercy, (unless of course I want to bail on
the whole idea and file a claim with the credit-card company - dunno
if/how that would go, and I don't like playing that game, but the
turnaround time and lost opportunity here is agonizing).

My guess is that BrightStarCorp is paranoid about getting failed-
firmware-update bricks, but this little guy died right there on my
desk, doing nothing but charging.  That I have to wait two or more
weeks to get a replacement is very disheartening.  We'll see what the
"RMA Person" says on Monday.  I haven't been encouraged much by
people's stories of their orders taking three days just to process

I wonder if BrightStar is just swamped, or if they're just too lean of
a company for the kind of customer service most of us are used to.

Oh well.  We'll see.  Back to the emulator with me.

If anyone else runs into this issue, please reply - I'd like to
compare experiences.


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