Future supported screen sizes and resolutions

by RugBat » Tue, 03 Feb 2009 15:24:42 GMT

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I'd love to get some information about the screen sizes Android is
planning to support in future, and what that might look like.  I'm
particularly interested in larger screens, like 8"-10" WVGA.

I see the roadmap says:

      Beyond Q1 2009 ... Support for WVGA and QVGA

but what kind of support is that?  If this is still phone-oriented,
then I might expect support for 3"-4" WVGA, with the existing UI -- so
the contacts list, for example, would still be a single column.  My
project is for a system with a larger screen, about 8"-10", and it
really needs a different UI layout to look good -- the contacts list
with one column but two rows per entry looks poor in the wide screen.
A two-column view would be much better.  Also more items per screen,
as my touch area is much larger.


* Will Android support this?  IOW will the standard apps have layouts
tailored to this kind of screen?
* Roughly when would that be?




Future supported screen sizes and resolutions

by Jean-Baptiste Queru » Tue, 03 Feb 2009 15:29:58 GMT

 At the moment the target is to support screens with a physical size
similar to the G1 (like you said, 3-4") and pixel counts ranging from


Jean-Baptiste M. "JBQ" Queru
Android Engineer, Google.


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