Your killer application ideas for Android?

by Marc Reichelt » Fri, 13 Jun 2008 21:23:10 GMT

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I think what the upcoming mobile phones with Android on them really
need is at least one killer application that no other devices have.
During the last months I got some ideas about what could be something
like this - but I don't have the time to develop it (I'm in
university), so I publish them here.

1. idea: GPS navigation over Internet.
Google Maps is already there, the GPS chip is available - so what
about a GPS navigation system that is stored online and is accessed by
the mobile phone?
The advantages are:
  - complex and large map material possible (only the important map
tiles for a route have to be stored on the device, the server stores
the complete material as Google already does now)
  - the material is always up-to-date, no need for buying new map
  - simple integration of map points (gas stations, hotels,
restaurants) and informational material (Wikipedia)
  - traffic control is simple if all clients are attached to the same

This is what I always wanted: A GPS system that is up-to-date, free in
use (the money for the service provider comes via advertisements for
the points of interest) and with good quality, maybe even 3D material.

2. idea: Telephone over WLAN (e.g. through a SIP provider).
If I'm at a location where WLAN is available (e.g. at home or in
university) I want to use this internet access to do my telephone
calls. A VoIP application could do this, but a better solution would
be a module that is integrated in the native phone system and which
uses WLAN instead of a mobile phone network if it is possible.

What do think about my ideas?
What is your favorite killer application that would make Android
superior to other systems?

Thanks in advance for your answers

Marc Reichelt   || 

Your killer application ideas for Android?

by JP » Sat, 14 Jun 2008 03:32:15 GMT


I guess I bite.
1.: This has been implemented in a few flavors. Traditional car
navigation as well as pedestrian-oriented 3d-implementation. I am
certain there are plenty more which have not been published on one of
the email lists here.
2.: This wouldn't be really an application but rather integrated in
the phone stack. Has been done years ago already. If you get an
unlocked unbranded Nokia E-Series (or N95, I believe) you can toy with
that right out of the box. I am using VoIP/SIP client over WLAN on my
E60 on a daily basis. And over 3G (UMTS) for funsies when in Europe.
Yeah... hasn't been seen this side of the water much, but altogether
this is not "killer" new. Unless iPhone is the benchmark (little stab
here) (;->)


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Your killer application ideas for Android?

by plusminus » Sat, 14 Jun 2008 08:58:49 GMT

 1.  :)

Regards, plusminus 
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Your killer application ideas for Android?

by [EMAIL PROTECTED] » Sat, 14 Jun 2008 11:38:22 GMT

 Thanks for the link.  I liked the product.


Your killer application ideas for Android?

by [EMAIL PROTECTED] » Sat, 14 Jun 2008 12:04:10 GMT

 I am from a subculture that sees a mobile phone as an audio delivery
device that can be used to enhance communication and coordination for
ordinary people.  There are a bunch of pedestrian applications that
can be "killer apps" if an android phone is availible at pedestrian
prices. The critical path to gold in andriod is gated by handset

I see location based behavior like Locale on an equal price point
phone as a killer app. I want that on my phone. A point radius ( do
you even need a radius?) version would do it. i.e. silent ring 99% of
calls when I am here, 'click.' Forward to my land line when I am
here,'click'. Calendar integration is nice but I would hardly ever use
it. I don't need a map or a fancy screen to do this. I need a location
engine in the ring tone decision loop and a place to store

Andriod can do that!  There are a lot of wonderful things Android can
do for my sub culture!


Your killer application ideas for Android?

by whitemice » Mon, 16 Jun 2008 08:21:59 GMT

 >>1. idea: GPS navigation over Internet<<
That comes with my N95.

Try Fring.

Rightly or wrongly, all the big money is chasing after location based
services right now.

The reason we haven't got LBS already is because there are some
technical limitations that mess up the use cases for non-navigation
based applications: 
(see further down the article)

In my opinion, Android will have the best applications simply because
its a great platform for research and development.  However anything
that takes off on Android, will be immediately ported over to iPhone
(and all the rest) regardless of how much development time it costs.

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