Animating resizing of TextView

by George » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 04:50:38 GMT

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 I have a textView that changes size dynamically and I want to animate
the resizing.
Here are my steps:
(1) use TextView.layout to set the initial size - editText.layout(0,
0, 200, 50);
(2) use startAnimation(scale) to scale the textView in the Xdirection
(to animate resize)
        android:fromXScale="1.0" android:toXScale="1.5"
        android:fromYScale="1.0" android:toYScale="1.0"
        android:pivotX="0%" android:pivotY="0%"
        android:duration="600" />
(3) Set the new size of the textview using layout() - editText.layout
(0, 0, 300, 50);

If I use ScaleAnimation, the text in the view get stretched or
squeezed. Is there a way to animate the resizing of the textview
without causing the text to get stretched or squeezed?


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