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by ZaichengQi » Fri, 23 Oct 2009 11:38:44 GMT

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Hello now learning how android handles linux input events from
kernel raw input events to the userland level KeyEvent and so on. And
I want to handle input events in native language. I've do some
experiments on handling events using NDK but the touch screen events
are very hard to handle(when I touch the screen, It generates a lot
kernel events).

I've read the eventhub class in framework base dir in the android
source repo. And I now I know how android collects linux kernel raw
events using eventhub class by reading from /dev/input/event* , but I
still have no idea how it translates these raw events into the
userland logic input events like KeyEvent. The file keyinput service
only wrappers eventhub to JNI functions but there are no translation.

So please give me some hints on the kernel event and userland event
translation process.

Thanks in advance.

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