Is IPv6 over the wifi interface supported in the SDK?

by Michael Newton » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 11:32:03 GMT

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 I'm hearing that IPv6 is supported by android, at least over the wifi
interface, but I cannot do anything with IPv6 through the SDK at all.
I am running Android 2.1 on an N1.

I can see that at the OS level, the wifi interface has a link local
inet6 address:

ufo:~ newton$ adb shell
$ cat /proc/net/if_inet6
00000000000000000000000000000001 01 80 10 80       lo
fe80000000000000022376fffe8d1e63 0c 40 20 80     eth0

... although ifconfig does not show it:

$ ifconfig eth0
eth0: ip mask flags [up broadcast running

If in Java I call getInetAddresses on a, I
only get the inet4 address.

As I'd expect from the above, I cannot connect via any Java APIs to
another link local IPv6 host on the same wifi lan

Depending on my approach I get "socket level is invalid", a bad socket
options error, host unreachable, or timeouts. Has anyone seen this
work or have any insight?



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