change framework assets with alternate home screen

by Romain Guy » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 06:59:24 GMT

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 No, it cannot do this.

Romain Guy
Android framework engineer

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1. Entrepreneur seeks Android Development

Good Day All.

My name is Doug and I am a entrepreneur with an aviation related
application idea for the Android Platform (and no it's not an airline
schedule lookup tool).  It will require an application that will run
on the G1 Handset and sync to an application on a desktop / laptop
computer and to a remote database via the internet (for data backup).
I am willing to offer partial ownership in the final product and/or
the company to the right person.

What I bring to the table:
The genesis of the idea.
Specific industry knowledge the will be required to create the
I have a business entity already in place (Michigan Corporation)
Marketing expertise (especially for this sector of the aviation
Potential investors.

What you bring to the table:
Technical knowledge and proficiency
The ability to take direction
The ability to contribute meaningfully to the development process
The ability to contribute time in the development process WITHOUT
direct cash compensation

This is a proven idea that is currently working and generating a
profit on other platforms - namely Windows Mobile and to a smaller
degree iPhone and Blackberry.

I know this opportunity is not for everyone.  I am looking for someone
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project.  The ideal candidate would most likely be someone that is
entrepreneurial minded
that "has a day job" and is looking to create something that WE can
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If this sound interesting to you please contact me via email:

Please include your contact information, where you are located
(geographically), development background or related experience
information, what your "day job" is, what is the best time to contact
you, and if you have the ability to video conference via web based
application (i.e. Jabber via iChat on a Mac or similar application -
not WebEx or any other pay for service)

You will be required to sign a confidentiality / non-disclosure / non-
compete agreement prior to us discussing specifics.  The agreement
will ONLY apply to the specific application desired but not limited to
the Android environment.  It will include the specific application on
all other platforms as well - (i.e. iPhone, S60, Windows Mobile,
Blackberry, Linux, etc...)

I am in the aviation industry and have direct knowledge of how this
application will work.  I live in West Michigan and travel extensively
for work.  The best way to reach me is via email.

Please only inquire if your are serious about this as so not to waste
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I look forward from hearing from you.




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Hello there,

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