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1. Custom Style Rating Bar not working in Android 2.1 and 2.2


I have a gridview with an image an a rating bar for each item. I was
following this article .
It's great I've managed to do the thing in the article and create my own
gold colored rating bar. But now I'm facing two problem.

First, In one of my activity i need to do the layout programatically , using
the default style creating the Rating bar this way :

RatingBar rb = new RatingBar(this,null, android.R.attr.ratingBarStyleSmall);

would work just fine, but if i change the style to use my own custom style

RatingBar rb = new RatingBar(this,null,;

the rating bar just wouldn't show.

And second, although it works very well with android 1.6 , when i test with
2.1 and 2.2 the small rating bar that supposed to be read only now is
change-able. And also when i click the image in the gridview, nothing
happens. When i change the style back to the original style, everything
works fine. When i click the image, it will go to the next activity in my

Can anyone helps ? Thanks in Advance.


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2. AlarmManger service callback to main activity.

Hi All,

   In my application, there is a service which has a running thread to
capture data from remote server, and also this service is triggered by
AlarmManager, for example let 1:00 am to start the service. After the
service finish the task, it stop itself  and  the main activity need to
update GUI.  I don't know how to let the main activity know when the the
service stopped, so that the main thread can update GUI.




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