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1. ListView (ExpandableListView as well) selector highlight problems with custom background

Hey all,

I have an expandable list with a custom adapter. Everything works
great but there are two problems.

First whenever a group or child has a custom background color set the
orange selector does not show up. If I dont setup a color the selector
draws nicely and also the fade away for context menus works.

Second, some of my text inside a list item is linkified. Whenever a
link is present the selector does not draw again. It seems that the
click event is handled by the internal link view instead of
propagating to the list view.

Can you please advice or help on any of the above?



2. SQLite DROP Database

How to drop a database in Android SDK?

Did not see any methods in android.database.sqlite.SQLiteOpenHelper or
android.database.sqlite.SQLiteDatabase classes.

Any suggestion is appreciated.

Kumar    _/|\_
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