Need Android consultants - Los Angeles - 3-6 months

by Chiru » Mon, 15 Sep 2008 16:51:04 GMT

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 Mieli Biiuliai,

kaip jau turbt esate girdj per iniasklaidos priemones, praeit
etadien, rugpjio 30 d., pratyb metu nuskendo krato apsaugos savanoris
Dovydas Teresius, ateitinik biiulio dievdirbio Adolfo Teresiaus snus. Jis
paarvotas Kauno gulos banyioje. Laidotuvi v. Miios rytoj, t.y.
rugsjo 2 d.12.00 val. Karstas ineamas 13.00 val. Laidotuvs vyks Jonui

Su nuoirdia uuojauta artimiesiems ir biiuliams - Vidas Abraitis

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1. Best Practice question: Passing an array to a View

Hello all,
My background is in C, but I'm relatively new to Java and to Android.
I have a question as to whether I'm implementing code in the best way:

As a learning exercise in Java and in meeting the Model-View-
Controller pattern, I wrote a simple game. It plays out on a 2D grid
owned by the game class, and is drawn to the display by an extended
View class. I have it working, but I'm wondering after the fact if I'm
going about it the right way. Here's a simplified version of what I

public class GameClass {

        // game is played out on this 2D field
        private final int[][] mGameGrid;

        public int[][] getGameGrid() {
                return mGameGrid;

public class TileView extends View {

        // reference to what i want the view to draw
        private int[][] mGrid;

        // accept reference to some external grid
        public void setGrid(int[][] externalGrid) {
                mGrid = externalGrid;

        protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas) {
                // reads mGrid contents to draw the array to the canvas

public class GameMVC extends Activity {

        private TileView mGameView;
        private GameClass mGame;

        /** Called when the activity is first created. */
        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


                mGame = new GameClass();

                mGameView = (TileView) findViewById(;

        public boolean onKeyDown(int keyCode, KeyEvent event) {
                // which updates the game and triggers screen redraws


Let me add, I am trying to meet these 2 goals as well:
1. I am hoping to keep the game class completely independent of the
android platform, in the spirit of fully keeping the M-V-C model (i.e.
no import Android.anything in this class)
2. I would like define the view as a resource (I understand this is
more efficient) and so inflate it via

So, I'm wondering, are there better ways to connect the game to the
View? And, are my goals reasonable/appropriate?
Comments welcome, thanks.

I learn a lot from reading threads here, thanks much everyone for


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I am planning on writing an android application, which will mainly be
a client-server application.
It has to include the following elements:
- A service, which handles the client-server communication
- A main screen, which will be some kind of user menu.
Under some circumstances, the main screen will not be the activity to
be launched with the application (i.e. the entry point for the
application, as specified with the intent-filters), but some other
activity needs to be shown first.

So, what would be the best practice to do so?
Would it be
a) to choose the service as an entry point for the application (if
possible) and let the service decide which activity to load, or
b) set the menu as an entry point, then load the service in onCreate,
and decide in onCreate which activity to show, and load the activity,
c) something else

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