need suggestion for interface

by cellurl » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 05:05:19 GMT

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 I want to turn on two different lights using my Android.
Q: How would you do it?

Bluetooth: AFAIK, BT only supports one (1) channel, this won't work
because the user could be on a call at the same time as I need the

USB: Host mode isn't coming soon, and I can't use a hack. (I hope to
sell this as an accessory product). I need 2-lights, so just turning
on/off the USB 5v won't work...

WIFI: This seems best, Does anyone agree?? Since it already works on
most models. How to do it cheaply.

Speaker: One guy did DTMF over the speaker to run his robot. But, it
won't work like a cradle or wireless...

IRDA: I thought of making a USB to IRDA dongle, but that would
interfere with any cradle.

Am I missing something? I realize the "intent" of Android is to get-2-
the-internet, but Palm had success by promoting attachments like
these, and I hope Android will too....



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