wait till layout is shown

by guruk » Wed, 03 Jun 2009 20:00:31 GMT

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 Hi, i have a main activity that needs quit a lot to load
so i thought about a trick:

i call a intropage that shows a pic and from directly it calls by
intent the
long loading page.

Finaly I thought I would see the pic and in the background the other
is loading, when its done the intro page dissapear automaticly and

(yes i thought i am very clever.... )

But now i see, that the Intro Page does not come initialized at all.
I see in the header that the intro page is active, but the pic is not
immediatly it loads the main intent.

So i guess i have to options.. make a small wait (but how) that the
pic from
the intro is finaly shown.. or more professional I have the option to
from windowmanager or so, if the layout from the intro is full shown.
Only when that is done, I would call the Intent to start the main

Any Ideas?



wait till layout is shown

by guruk » Wed, 03 Jun 2009 20:19:15 GMT

 i even tried to place my startactivity for the main activity


but still my intro pics on the intro page are not shown.
immediatly it starts the mainactivity...


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wait till layout is shown

by Marco Nelissen » Wed, 03 Jun 2009 23:39:28 GMT


The problem is that you're blocking the main thread, which prevents the UI
from being shown.
You don't really need your 'intro' activity. In your main activity, you can
just set a picture, then do whatever your activity needs to do at startup in
another thread, and once that is done, update the UI.


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