is there a way to create a menu from scratch?

by ~ TreKing » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 02:46:30 GMT

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1. is LVL the best solution?

I'm now seeing the whole copy protection problem from both sides, as a
developer I want to control how my paid application is distributed and
that only legitimate purchases may run it. I've yet to implement lvl
but my experience over the last week with an lvl protected app I
purchased is giving me such a bad user experience I'm seriously
starting to doubt I want to inflict this on my customers.

My dev device is an old G1, my personal device is a HTC magic (google
branded) running cyanogenmod 6. I was using the G1 while the magic was
in for repair. The app in question uses a 2nd app to unlock "pro"
features. I was never able to get pro features unlocked on the G1, and
only once shortly when there was very little installed on the magic,
once I'd got everything reinstalled on the magic it completely failed
to run in "pro" mode.

My conclusion is that the OOM killer is messing with gapps/vending
while the main app is active and requesting the lvl check. Lvl may
work fine on newer devices with loads of memory, but my experience on
these older devices which are still widely in use leads me to hold
back implementing this for my users.

Is it just me that's having this bad experience or are other people
seeing anything similar either themselves or as feedback from users?


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Here is what the SDK doc says about the bindService():

"Clients can also use Context.bindService() to obtain a persistent
connection to a service. This likewise creates the service if it is
not already running (calling onCreate() while doing so), but does not
call onStartCommand()."

This means that the Service creation lifecyle events are different
depending on whether or not the service is created out of
startService() or bindService().  Why such difference?



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