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by Maxood » Thu, 08 Jul 2010 23:22:50 GMT

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1. copybit format conversion issue, for help

Hi, all,

I have encountered a format coversion issue when manage to add copybit
module for some hw 2D core.

There are a lot of blit operations from COPYBIT_FORMAT_RGBA_8888 to
COPYBIT_FORMAT_RGB_565 when do menu rendering.

It looks the layout of android COPYBIT_FORMAT_RGBA_8888 format is as figure 1.

31     ...      0
| A | B | G | R |  (1)

but unfortunately, for 8:8:8:8 image, the 2d hw in question only
supports layout as figure 2.

31     ...      0
| A | R | G | B |  (2)

So my question is there any thing I can do to work aound it, and will
not hurt performance significantly?
eg. by some way I can force ARGB src image data.

Suggestion is welcome and much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Simon Chan

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2. Unsuccessful install of successful built apk

I have a problem with installing an apk (which includes jni libs) on
the simulator. The apk is built successfully, but running as Android
Application from within eclipse and executing adb install -r path/to/
apk runs also successful, but the app doesn't show up on the app-
screen in the simulator.
The following is the logcat during the install of the app. I don't see
much evidence that there is something wrong with the apk, so I don't
know whats going on there. Can someone help me with this? Are there
more debugging options for adb install? Or what can I do to provide
more info to solve the problem? Thank you.


D/AndroidRuntime(  346):
D/AndroidRuntime(  346): >>>>>>>>>>>>>> AndroidRuntime START
D/AndroidRuntime(  346): CheckJNI is ON
D/AndroidRuntime(  346): --- registering native functions ---
D/dalvikvm(  309): GC_EXPLICIT freed 130 objects / 7008 bytes in 94ms
D/PackageParser(   72): Scanning package: /data/app/vmdl37168.tmp
I/PackageManager(   72): Removing non-system
I/ActivityManager(   72): Force stopping package
de.studiorutton.visualsmove uid=10036
D/PackageManager(   72): Scanning package de.studiorutton.visualsmove
I/PackageManager(   72): Package de.studiorutton.visualsmove codePath
changed from /data/app/de.studiorutton.visualsmove-2.apk to /data/app/
de.studiorutton.visualsmove-1.apk; Retaining data and using new
I/PackageManager(   72): /data/app/de.studiorutton.visualsmove-1.apk
changed; unpacking
D/installd(   35): DexInv: --- BEGIN '/data/app/
de.studiorutton.visualsmove-1.apk' ---
D/dalvikvm(  353): DexOpt: load 63ms, verify 34ms, opt 2ms
D/installd(   35): DexInv: --- END '/data/app/
de.studiorutton.visualsmove-1.apk' (success) ---
W/PackageManager(   72): Code path for pkg :
de.studiorutton.visualsmove changing from /data/app/
de.studiorutton.visualsmove-2.apk to /data/app/
W/PackageManager(   72): Resource path for pkg :
de.studiorutton.visualsmove changing from /data/app/
de.studiorutton.visualsmove-2.apk to /data/app/
I/ActivityManager(   72): Force stopping package
de.studiorutton.visualsmove uid=10036
I/installd(   35): move /data/dalvik-cache/
d...@app@de.studiorutton.visualsmove-1....@classes.dex -> /data/dalvik-
D/PackageManager(   72): New package installed in /data/app/
D/dalvikvm(   72): GC_FOR_MALLOC freed 8374 objects / 480872 bytes in
I/ActivityManager(   72): Force stopping package
de.studiorutton.visualsmove uid=10036
D/dalvikvm(   72): GC_EXPLICIT freed 3662 objects / 207416 bytes in
W/RecognitionManagerService(   72): no available voice recognition
services found
I/installd(   35): unlink /data/dalvik-cache/
D/AndroidRuntime(  346): Shutting down VM
D/dalvikvm(  346): De{*filter*} has detached; object registry had 1


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