How can I call service methods from broadcastReceiver?

by Mark Murphy » Mon, 07 Dec 2009 15:40:12 GMT

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 > Hello

I would get rid of the broadcast receiver and just have the activity work
with the service.

1. I would not raise a Toast from a BroadcastReceiver.

2. You cannot call new RemoteService() to create an Android service. You
need to call startService() with an appropriate Intent to start up your
RemoteService. And, bear in mind that the service will not be started
until after your onReceive() method returns.

3. You cannot call methods on a service from a BroadcastReceiver very
easily. I would strongly recommend you find some other solution (e.g., put
extras on the Intent you use with startService(), so your service learns
what to do from those extras alone).

You can see an example of a BroadcastReceiver using startService() to
start up a service here: 

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