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by Jags » Wed, 22 Jul 2009 01:22:40 GMT

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 A few days back i joined 2 of the forums, but i was unable to send new
posts to the forums, and then i un subscribed. I dont know why.

Anyway, I am using a mac. around 1 month back I downloaded and built
the source code of full android as described in their sites and was
able to run emulator.

Now, I think i am not ready to work on the source code, but i want to
configure my eclipse for androidapplication developemnt. I dont want
to download pre built sdk from site and configure it. I want to use
this code base. So, where is the sdk in the code base ?

secondly, how to do an update and run build, as the code base
changes ?



starting with

by Roman » Wed, 22 Jul 2009 05:27:49 GMT

 Hi Jagat,

When you send a post for the first time to an Android group then it
takes a while till your post is visible. All the following posts
should be visible right away.

[Roman] Of course within this month there might be a lot of new fixes.
If you have the chance I would download again a new version of the
Android source. If you now want to use your own sdk based on your
Android source, do a make sdk.
This should build your sdk which is similar to the pre-build sdk.

[Roman] When you have your Android source on your local folder you
always can do a "git pull". Of course be careful that you are not
overwriting your own changes.

Here is a link which gives you an idea how to develop on the Android
source specifically if you work on kernel changes. ;id=3

Roman Baumgaertner
Sr. SW Engineer-OSDC
T  Mobile stick together
The views, opinions and statements in this email are those of the
author solely in their individual capacity, and do not necessarily
represent those of T-Mobile USA, Inc.


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