Create a log screen with a dialog!

by nep0x » Tue, 23 Feb 2010 20:12:16 GMT

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 hi people!

I m developing an app and a i have a little doubt. It is the

My app first activity is very simple. it shows two buttons: ENTER  &
EXIT. When the user press the button ENTER the app displays a dialog
where the user have to log. I want that the app access to an external
database to check the user and the password. Once it is checked the
app starts the next activity. This is the idea.
I ve implemented the access to a an external database by a web service

I ve done access to the database and display the result in an activity
with the well-known process of expanding another thead, create a
handler and execute runneable object.But in this case where must i
put the startActivity to start the next activity is the user exits? in
the handler? any advice?

thanks in advance



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