Why is app taking so long to show up

by KoZoMo .com » Fri, 28 May 2010 03:52:19 GMT

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We've been waiting patiently for our app to appear but it is still not
there. Is there a delay due to 2.2? The app is iGoals Italy.




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I am able to send a mail by entering the mail id's programmatically. Can
anyone please share the code how to send a mail to the preconfigured mail
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2. Can't adjust backlight in our built emulator from source?

backlight emulation works as follows in 1.5 (this may change in future
system images though):

1/ hardware/qemu/liblights/lights.c is compiled into /system/lib/hw/
2/ libhardware recognize at runtime that it is running in the emulator
("goldfish") system, then loads it
3/ the code in lights.c will be used by the system due to this, and will
send messages to the emulator through the qemud channel to the "hw-control"
4/ the emulator receives it and emulates a change of backlight

If you don't know what QEMUD and QEMUD services are, see:


you can debug that things are working as intended with:

emulator -debug-hw-control => dumps all messages sent to the "hw-control"
QEMUD service received by the emulator.
emulator -debug-qemud  => dumps all traffic on the QEMUD serial port
multiplexing channel.

I can imagine several reasons why this is not working for you:

- the system image doesn't have emulator-specific binaries in it (this is
the case for "user" builds, you will need "userdebug" or "eng" instead)
- you don't have /system/etc/init.goldfish.rc and/or /system/etc/
init.goldfish.sh and the emulation support is not started properly
- you don't have /system/lib/hw/liblights.goldfish.so for some reason
- you're not running under a "goldfish" kernel in the emulator, so
liblights.goldfish.so is never loaded/used.

Hope this helps

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