MediaRecorder: unsupported paramter

by Arron » Thu, 28 Jan 2010 15:11:33 GMT

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 I took the example from the API:

MediaRecorder recorder = new MediaRecorder();
 recorder.start();   // Recording is now started

When I try to run this, I get the following:
ERROR/audio_input(30): unsupported parameter: x-pvmf/media-input-node/

Anyone knows what's wrong?

Additionally the code example in the dev guide is completely wrong.
It uses code that don't even exist in the API.



MediaRecorder: unsupported paramter

by 3pei » Fri, 29 Jan 2010 07:42:59 GMT

 I have encountered this too.


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MediaRecorder: unsupported paramter

by Rog茅rio de Souza Moraes » Sat, 10 Apr 2010 01:04:55 GMT

 I am trying to create an application that streams video from android camera
to a desktop. I am testing it in a Nexus One Device. I created a application
based on the example of the file of Sipdroid and the file of Camera application. The difference between them, is that
on Siproid the output of mMediaRecorder.setOutputFile is one socket and on
the Camera is a file. Now I am trying to write the data from Camera to a
file and later to the socket, but I am getting this error:

ERROR/CameraInput(437): Unsupported
ERROR/CameraInput(437): VerifiyAndSetParameter failed on parameter #0

I am looking for some fix to this, but until now no luck.

Any help is appreciated. The code is in the links bellow: 



2010/1/28 3pei <>


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