Handler loses message after wait() and notify()

by fugu2.0 » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 08:02:06 GMT

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 Hey Guys!

I have a problem handling messages in a Thread. My run-method looks
like this

public void run() {
   parserHandler = new Handler {
      public void handleMessage(Message msg) {
         Log.i("","id from message: "+msg.getData.getString("id"));
         // further message handling

I have several Activities sending messages to this thread, like this:

Message parserMessage = new Message();
Bundle data = new Bundle();
data.putString("id", realId);
data.putString("callingClass", "CategoryList");

parserHandler = parser.getParserHandler();

synchronized (parserHandler) {
    Log.i("","message ID:  " +


The problem is that the run-method logs "id from message: null" though
"message ID" has a value in the Log-statement. Why does the message
"lose" it's data when being send to the thread? Has it something to do
with the notify? Thanks for your help


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