Can I Please Get Some Help?

by Joe » Tue, 25 May 2010 01:59:48 GMT

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 Ok, I literally know nothing about programming.  I took one class of C+
+ 6 years ago in college.  But, I really want to develop something for
my android phone.  I looked all over google, read a couple of
tutorials, and I went to the developers website.  So far, I was able
to download the android packages along with eclipse, and I was able to
create "Hello World."

But I am having a really hard time figuring out the other stuff I want
to do.  I think it's pretty simple.  But if it's not, I'm not above
abandoning this.  I'm a lawyer and I think it would be extremely
useful to carry things like the Code of Federal Regulations, the
United States Code, or the Internal Revenue Code in phone form as
opposed to using extremely large volumes.  I think it would also beat
having to go on a computer and using an online source.

To that end, all I want to do is create something that would let me
see that information.  For example, the Internal Revenue Code is
usually broken down into Title -> Subtitle -> Chapter -> Subchapter ->
Part -> Section.  Then the section displays the text you would want to
see.  I would have all this information down, and then maybe add a
search so you can just put in the section number you want to see so
someone can skip going through that tedious process.

Looking around on the tutorial, I think what I'm doing is somehow
related to contentproviders or an SQLitedatabase?  But when I look at
those pages, all I see are the tools I can use and no way I can use
them.  At least, that's what it seems like to me.  Any help on this
would be greatly appreciate and I'm sure there are people all over the
country that would be thankful as well!  Thank you!


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