ImageView setImageURI not showing

by ZoobTheSimian » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 03:46:31 GMT

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 Hi, all.

I'm having a problem with setImageURI on my ImageView objects. I was
using setimageResource(R.drawable.x), which was working fine, but now
I'm trying to change over to using URIs so that I can be more flexible
about my image source (not constrained to pre-packaged images).

I'm using ImageView.setImageURI(uri), where uri is (for example)
android.resource://com.example.hellogridview/2130837520, which I
created by doing Uri.parse("android.resource://
com.example.hellogridview/" + R.drawable.x). I took this method from
my MediaPlayer, where I created URIs for R.raw wav files from this

It's not throwing any errors that I can see, but it's just displaying
blank images. The images are ~150px each way and I'm displaying them
about half size - would that cause a problem?

Any ideas, please? :)

ImageView setImageURI not showing

by Mark Murphy » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 05:52:45 GMT


I remember some core Android team members giving me odd looks when I
referenced the android.resource Uri scheme in a previous email. I'm not
sure I would count on that scheme, as I suspect it's in a bit of a dusty
Android corner.

Moreover, while I appreciate the elegance of everything-is-a-Uri, there
is no question that different sources of data behave differently. You're
not going to want to call setImageURI() on an http:// URL, for example
-- you want to do the HTTP download in a background thread, cache the
result, etc. Technically, an HTTP Uri might work; practically, it's not
a good solution.

Hence, I'm not convinced the road you're travelin' down is necessarily
the best road.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)  | 

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