Recovering Activity Stack?

by Gerry Rodman » Sat, 27 Mar 2010 04:55:17 GMT

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 Use Case:

User performs menu action to spawn Child Acitivity (CA) from Main
Activity (MA).  CA is translucent allowing MA to be viewed as shaded
background.  (CA is spawned using startActivity.  Also I have tried
using startActivityForResult but it still does not give the desired

User presses Home Key and switches to another app.  Via the home key,
he switches back to App in question.

Actual and undesired result:

User views CA (OK).  It is translucent and in background, user can see
the the activity of the unrelated application (Not OK) he first
switched to via Home Key.  If user presses back button, he returns to
the unrelated application (Not OK).

Desired Result:

User views CA.   It is translucent and in background, user can see
MA.  If user presses back button, he returns to MA.

Can anyone tell me how to get to desired result?

Thank you,



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