[Android framework protected API] Permission protection level definitio

by Guillaume Leterrier » Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:22:31 GMT

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Looking at the following developer web link that describes the core
android permissions,


< http://developer.android.com/reference/android/Manifest.permission.html 


The list encompasses the permissions associated to the android protected
API available from the Android frameworks.


However, I could not find any information related to the associated
protection level.

I guess this would be very useful to know for the application developers
and get the web link updated.


So, digging in the file "Frameworks\base\core\res\AndroidManifest.xml",
one could find such data.


Most of the permissions are defined as dangerous and few others as

The remaining others, related mostly to the system, are based on
signature protection.






Because the signature protection levels for the framework are defined in
a unique manifest XML file, 


- does it mean that there is no means to have different permissions
protected by different signature keys (but splitting the file and
framework API in groups)?



The android framework is stored under the file directory


- Is this directory considered as one Android package signed by the
current android system unique key?

- For permissions protected by signature or signatureOrSystem, what key
is used for such protection verification? OEM/system key ?




- if the OEMs are modifying few framework permission signature rules (
dangerous => signature... ), how the applications compatibility will be
ensured on the Android platform accross various OEM smartphones ?




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