programmatically send email with data file attachment

by Genesio » Wed, 10 Dec 2008 03:41:39 GMT

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 Hello to everybody, i am writing a small program which creates a text
file on the external storage (microSD card).
Now i want to send this small file via email (asking the user which
account to use).

I read the sdk docs and I found that with an Intent and this action
Intent.html#ACTION_SENDTO) I can write an email.
But I cannot find any EXTRA_**** to specify an attachment.

I tried with EXTRA_STREAM and an open FileInputStream pointing to the
txt file, but when I see (for example) gmail popping out (basic email
writing works) there is no attachment in the "pre-built" email.

I know this is possible because I installed an application from the
market (Voice Recorder) that already does it.

I would want to reproduce its behaviour.

P.S. Another way to achieve my goal would be to upload via HTTP the
file to a webserver... maybe it's simpler? anyone can give me an
example or show me a JAVA library that implements this functionality??

Thank you


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