How can I install my GPS app to my device?

by Nio » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 19:37:14 GMT

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 Hi there all,
I download a app GPS.apk for my GPS test. I can install it to my
emulator using "adb install GPS.apk",but how can I install it in my
real device? Thanks.

How can I install my GPS app to my device?

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 19:40:02 GMT


If you have the SDK, the device, and a USB cable (and are not running
Windows Vista), you can use the same technique as you did with the emulator.

Otherwise, you can upload the APK file to some hosting service that
serves APK files with the appropriate MIME type, then use the Browser
application to download and install it.

Or, you can find a file manager application (e.g., on Android Market)
that can install APK files, then copy your APK file to the SD card and
use the file manager to install it.

Of course, you can always publish your APK via a market, but I am
guessing you are not ready for that step just yet.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy) 
Android Training in Sweden -- 


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