Android DRM package

by dpelleti » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 11:03:23 GMT

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Can someone please tell me where I can find this package:


I've seen references to it online but I can't find it anywhere in the



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There are some files with unknown chars in file name in my android mobile 
which I can't delete them. I tried Root Explorer, ASTRO, and other commands, 
none of them worked.
Convmv is a very useful tool to replace unknown chars from unknown charsets 
in filenames. 
 I find that the tool convmv may help on this. But I don't have cross 
compiler. Does any one can do a special favour to compile one for android? 
Thanks in advance.:)

The description of convmv from :
convmv can convert a single filename, a directory tree or all files on a 
filesystem to a different encoding. It only converts the encoding of 
filenames, not files contents. A special feature of convmv is that it also 
takes care of symlinks: the encoding of the symlink's target will be 
converted if the symlink itself is being converted. 

It is also possible to convert directories to UTF-8 which are already 
partially UTF-8 encoded. 

The source package can be found at


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I have the following code which calls a PHP webservice. The code
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Because I've noticed that I have problems passing the parameters, I
had modified the method to return the parameters, and for the next
code it returnes "m m"(basicly it returns the first letter of the
first parameter twice).

    String SOAP_ACTION = "urn:server#userAuth";
    String METHOD_NAME = "userAuth";

    SoapObject request = new SoapObject(NAMESPACE, METHOD_NAME);

//        I've tried this too but with no results
//        request .addProperty("usr",  "");
//        request .addProperty("pass", "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx");

    PropertyInfo p1 = new PropertyInfo();
    p1.type = PropertyInfo.STRING_CLASS;

    PropertyInfo p2 = new PropertyInfo();
    p2.type = PropertyInfo.STRING_CLASS;

    SoapSerializationEnvelope envelope = new

    HttpTransportSE androidHttpTransport = new HttpTransportSE(URL);, envelope);

    Object result = (Object)envelope.getResponse();
    return result.toString();

To make an ideea, here is the php code...

$server = new nusoap_server;
$server->configureWSDL('server', 'urn:server');
$server->wsdl->schemaTargetNamespace = 'urn:server';
            array('usr' => 'xsd:string', 'pass' => 'xsd:string'),
            array('return' => 'xsd:string'),

function userAuth($value){


        return $a;




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