How to lock the Screen customly? Just like WaveSecure in Android

by HackNone » Sun, 07 Mar 2010 03:09:19 GMT

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 Hi everyone, I want to do a demo just like WaveSecure<https://>, which win Android Develop Challenge 2 with a
third place. Now I have a problem in locking the screen customly, so I
want to know how WaveSecure achieve its locking function, as the
following picture show: 

When the mobile is locked, WaveSecure can require customer to input
their own password. So I think WaveSecure must replace Android's
original locking function.

And I also google it, but I didn't find anything helpful. I only find
two packages may be helpful. They are:

 - android.os.PowerManager

But after I reading the Android Docs, I still can't have an idea on

Can you help me? Thx:)


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Thanks for your help


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