Problem in baseadapter..please help

by scorpio » Thu, 22 May 2008 06:37:15 GMT

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I tried to select an item from the list, but not getting somebody
please help. I struck here for a long time. Actually in this, i am
using Baseadapter. So How can i select. I tried with onItemClick, but
null pointer exception coming..

public class ListQuery extends ListActivity implements
OnItemClickListener {

SQLiteDatabase myDatabase = null;
int size = 20;
String[] iStuffarea = new String[size];
String[] iStuffage = new String[size];
String[] iStuffsex = new String[size];
String[] iStuffheight = new String[size];
String[] iStuffweight = new String[size];
String[] iStuffcity = new String[size];
String[] iStuffcountry = new String[size];
String[] uStuffarea = new String[size];
String[] uStuffage = new String[size];
String[] uStuffsex = new String[size];
String[] uStuffheight = new String[size];
String[] uStuffweight = new String[size];
String[] uStuffcity = new String[size];
String[] uStuffcountry = new String[size];
int count = 0;
ArrayList<String> results = new ArrayList<String>();

public void onCreate(Bundle icicle) {
setListAdapter(new SpeechListAdapter(this));

private class SpeechListAdapter extends BaseAdapter {

public SpeechListAdapter(Context context) {
mContext = context;

try {
myDatabase = mContext.openDatabase("Mobeegal", null);
String myCols[] = {"iStuffAge", "iStuffSex",
"iStuffHeight", "iStuffWeight", "iStuffArea", "iStuffCity",
Cursor c = myDatabase.query(false, "IStuff", myCols,
null, null, null, null, null);

String myCols1[] = {"uStuffAgeRange", "uStuffSex",
"uStuffHeightRange", "uStuffWeightRange", "uStuffArea", "uStuffCity",
Cursor c1 = myDatabase.query(false, "UStuff", myCols1,
null, null, null, null, null);

int uagecolumn = c1.getColumnIndex("uStuffAgeRange");
int usexcolumn = c1.getColumnIndex("uStuffSex");
int uheightcolumn =
int uweightcolumn =
int uareacolumn = c1.getColumnIndex("uStuffArea");
int ucitycolumn = c1.getColumnIndex("uStuffCity");
int ucountrycolumn =

int ageColumn = c.getColumnIndex("iStuffAge");
int sexColumn = c.getColumnIndex("iStuffSex");
int heightColumn = c.getColumnIndex("iStuffHeight");
int weightColumn = c.getColumnIndex("iStuffWeight");
int areaColumn = c.getColumnIndex("iStuffArea");
int cityColumn = c.getColumnIndex("iStuffCity");
int countryColumn = c.getColumnIndex("iStuffCountry");
if (c != null) {
count = 0;
if (c.first()) {
do {

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