About getting audio streams to A2DP headphone and Headphone

by Rangan » Wed, 16 Sep 2009 00:57:26 GMT

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 Dear All,

There is a function setRouting to set the audio for a specified mode.
                   public void setRouting (int mode, int routes, int

The parameters for the routes are:
      int ROUTE_BLUETOOTH This constant is deprecated. use
      int ROUTE_BLUETOOTH_A2DP Routing audio output to bluetooth
      int ROUTE_BLUETOOTH_SCO Routing audio output to bluetooth SCO
      int ROUTE_EARPIECE Routing audio output to earpiece
      int ROUTE_HEADSET Routing audio output to headset
      int ROUTE_SPEAKER Routing audio output to speaker
Using the OR of these parameters, theoritically we should be able to
get the routing to 2 routes. For eg. if we need blue tooth A2DP
headphone and Speaker, we should be able to achieve it using

Bu it does not work as expected on say HTC phones. It will just stay
with A2DP headphone which means, it is most likely a MIPS issue as
well and the Android system default is built this way. Am I right?

Any idea on what other ways we can achieve streaming to A2DP headphone
and also to have the same stream or different stream locally played
back on speakers.


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