Ubiquity Firefox in android

by shankar » Fri, 25 Sep 2009 12:01:28 GMT

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        I want to add Ubiquity Feature in android, what i want is can
we directly import Ubiquity script in to android or we need to develop
a custom scripts that supports android browser.
       please help me.
       Thanks in advance.

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> Yeah, I used that mechanism at first, but what ends up happening is

Really? The very class you were trying to reach has an <intent-filter> on
the video/mp4 MIME type, according to the Android source code. If you
tried it a couple of Android versions ago, give it a fresh shot -- the
behavior might have changed, and perhaps you can switch to the new Intent
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If needed, it's really not all that tough. I have one here with pop-up
control panels based on touch events, a custom timeline with play/pause
control, and so on:


Note, though, that I haven't tried this on 2.0.1 yet. The core Android
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