Loading and displaying an image from a resource

by prachi » Thu, 06 May 2010 13:23:10 GMT

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 Hi Simon

Can u please tell the messages being displayed in adb logcat???


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I am starting in programming with Android. The first that I am doing
(later of reading the main tutorials in the official page and later of
executing the hello word example and so on) is to realise an image
editor application. I am having many problems with different parts.

The first that I want to show is a image selector (gallery) to the
user for selecting the image that he/she wanted to edit and later
start the real application. The problem is that when I use
setOnItemClickListener, I can't get start the second activity and if I
add a button and give the functionality to open the activity, I don't
know how to pass the selected image in the gallery and when I click on
the button the activity don't start. The method that I have used to
start the activity comes in most tutorial with setOnClickListener.

Other thing that I wanted is to show the images as a matrix or table
with 6-9 images in the same screen. I think it would be more pleasing.

The last questions that I have is if when I probe the application in a
movile, it should show the real images on the phone or the images in
the res/drawable.

Thank you very much. A greeting.

PD: Sorry for the doubts. I've been all afternoon searching and
searching and I have decided to enter desperate.

PD2: My English is average and there may be some mistakes. Sorry!


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