Is anyone else getting bored of POSTS about announced product releases that don't materialise ...

by clark » Tue, 28 Apr 2009 22:56:06 GMT

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1. Are Sticky Intents visible to other applications by default? if so how to limit this visibility?

Are Sticky Intents visible to other applications by default? if so how
to limit this visibility?


2. Maintaining Aspect Ratio of Background Image

I've got a complex problem I've been thinking over for a while.  The
core issue is that I've got a background for my app which I would like
to maintain its aspect ratio, yet at the same time use as much of the
background as possible.  My current solution, which is less-than-
ideal, is to simply use the default android:windowBackground style,
which simply fills the background; so on some screens it looks fine,
and on others the aspect ratio is a little wonky.

One important thing to note is that the background isn't being used
for anything but as a background.  I know some people use the
background as a board for games...  this isn't a case like that.  In
this situation, the aspect ratio keeps the image looking nice, nothing

Anyways, I've come upon an interim solution, which is to use a
BitmapDrawable with Gravity set on it to center.  However, while this
maintains aspect ratio, it presents a few problems:

1. I have to create multiple images, one for each possible overall
screen size (small, medium and large).

2. Depending on the image, it won't necessarily take up the entire
space.  For example, if I make a 480x854 (for Droid) background image,
some of the vertical space will be chopped off on an N1.

What I'd like - and I'm not sure if this is possible - is for the
background to fill vertically, maintain the horizontal resolution
based on the modifications made vertically, then to be centered.  In
other words, the horizontal part may be clipped, but the vertical part
will always be 100%.

Is any of this doable?  Is there a better solution to this problem I'm
not aware of?


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