VFY: arbitrarily rejecting large method

by LinusOnline » Tue, 23 Mar 2010 01:38:28 GMT

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 After building my project with Java debug information, I get the
following "warning" from dalvikvm when launching my application:

VFY: arbitrarily rejecting large method

It seems the Dalvik VM's verifier is rejecting one of my methods. The
method is named in the warning, and it is indeed very large,
consisting of a long switch statement. I'd like to avoid breaking it
up if I can.

Is there a way to get the verifier to accept this method, including
debug information?


VFY: arbitrarily rejecting large method

by fadden » Tue, 23 Mar 2010 03:24:36 GMT


The value of (number of registers * number of instruction words) is
larger than 2^21.  You can use dexdump to see how close you are.

I wasn't really expecting anyone to hit this -- it's intended to
prevent the verifier from bloating up an app's native heap.  Does the
method take a large number of arguments, or have lots of local
variables?  I've also seen some poor behavior when a method had 4+
invocations of a call to another method that took 15+ arguments; the
register allocator freaked out a bit.

The presence or absence of debug information affects the sorts of
things the "dx" code optimizer is allowed to do (e.g. some unnecessary
instructions will be retained so that the debugger can show something
reasonable while single-stepping).  Usually the overhead is small, but
it may be that you're near the edge and this pushed you over.


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