How does CTS work? Where can I get the test streams?

by Chenny » Tue, 17 Nov 2009 10:58:08 GMT

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 Hi Friends,
I am working on the CTS (Compatibility Test Suite), but I am a newer.

-- testPlayAudio fail junit.framework.AssertionFailedError:
expected:<4231.0> but was:<4119.0> at

I have checked the CTS source code. And find the the following source

public void testPlayAudio() throws Exception {
        final int mp3Duration = 4231;
        final int tolerance = 50;
        final int seekDuration = 100;
        final int resid = R.raw.testmp3;

        MediaPlayer mp = MediaPlayer.create(mContext, resid);
        mp.setWakeMode(mContext, PowerManager.PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK);



        assertEquals(mp3Duration, mp.getDuration(), tolerance);    //
Error from here.

duration from getDuration() is different from the expected (4231.
Should be 4181 to 4281). But my questions are:
1. Where is the tested mp3? I cannot find it any where.
2. Why do we set the duration for the tested mp3 to 4231 (final int
mp3Duration = 4231;)? Could we set it to other number?

Thanks very much!


How does CTS work? Where can I get the test streams?

by Chenny » Tue, 17 Nov 2009 11:37:24 GMT

 I checked the source code. And noticed the location of testmp3.mp3.

But from some tool, the original duration is 3860 ms.

The expected duration is 4231. Which tool can check the real duration
of the clip?


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How does CTS work? Where can I get the test streams?

by Chenny » Fri, 20 Nov 2009 15:14:52 GMT

 Dear friends,

I tried to test video by modify the CTS source code. But failed when

cannot find symbol
symbol  : variable testvideompeg4
location: class
                final int resid = R.raw.testvideompeg4;

I only change the tested stream (testvideo) to my own stream
(testvideompeg4). Code:
//final int resid = R.raw.testvideo;
final int resid = R.raw.testvideompeg4;

testvideompeg4 has been put into the folder: *\cts\tests\res\raw

Anybody meet the similar issue?


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