why is there no android tablet nearly as good as ipad?

by Brian Conrad » Tue, 29 Jun 2010 00:18:58 GMT

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 I doubt it.  There are some interesting and well done Android tablets 
about to come on the market. But most manufacturers will be cautious 
about the success of the iPad.  After all Apple could sell rebranded 
Tesla cars for $250K and the designer gadget fanbase would mortgage 
their homes and line up around the block to get one.  So a manufacturer 
does have to factor out the knee jerk reaction of Apple fans to figure 
out what true market is there.

imo, it is those cheap crappy hardware that are poisoning non-mobile- phone android market. few weeks ago i bought one and returned it on the same day as it was delivered; compared with ipad, it is a crap. luckily i got full refund from the seller. thank god~ On Jun 27, 6:36 pm, Michael MacDonald <googlec...@antlersoft.com>
as ipad? The iPad hardware is quite good. It would be difficult for another vendor to put together a pad with the same large, capacitative touch screen, fast cpu, plenty of RAM, and an excellent battery, and still come in at a price point much below Apple's iPad. Apple has the advantage of knowing they are going to sell millions of the things so they get the best component prices. Selling a quality Android pad for the less than the iPad would mean accepting lower margins and a good deal of risk. You could make an Android tablet with crappy hardware for a lot cheaper than an iPad, and there are plenty of those.

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