Input textbox with canvas view... how???

by Wesley Sagittarius » Mon, 16 Jun 2008 14:34:28 GMT

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 hi all,

I want to have a UI in layout where canvas view can have Input textbox
at bottom...

anyone have any idea how to append textbox into canvas view???


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Hello Android-developers,

I am quite new to Android development but have several questions about
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Goal: I would like to use an Android-equipped mobile phone as a
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I was able to use my laptop running Ubuntu 10.04 as a Handsfree for
several of my mobile phone (Nokia with Symbian and Samsung Galaxy S
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Now I took the Android SDK and started with the "BluetoothChat"
example. By uploading it through the USB Debugging mode to my Galaxy S
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bluetooth-channels I indirectly have to look up the channel for a
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The correct UUID for connecting to a Handsfree Audio Gateway should be
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org.bluez.Error.Failed (Invalid discovery session)". Replacing the
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lot more services as stated earlier. Are all these propriertary
enhancements by Samsung? By browsing through the Android code I was
not able to find the "BluetoothService.cpp" from the error log but a
"". Unfortunately, there is no point where it
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Best regards,


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