Input textbox with canvas view... how???

by Wesley Sagittarius » Mon, 16 Jun 2008 14:34:28 GMT

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 hi all,

I want to have a UI in layout where canvas view can have Input textbox
at bottom...

anyone have any idea how to append textbox into canvas view???


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Does anyone have any information of the source of the native VPN
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Issue:Virtual keypad " dances " if user launches starts serach while
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This issue is newly introduced in Froyo, which did not exist in

In Froyo, the Search Dialog has been moved from system to application
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Because of this change, the Search Dialog window will be taken into
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the search dialog window does not have the "FLAG_FULLSCREEN" flag that
hides the staus bar, while the application base window (Youtube
window) underneath does, the window manager shows the status bar first
and then hides it(repeats doing this for a few times) when there are
window re-layout requests coming, that is what the flicker is all

And we fix it as below updating:
diff --git a/core/java/android/app/ b/core/java/
index 7625c04..2daf660 100644
--- a/core/java/android/app/
+++ b/core/java/android/app/
@@ -173,6 +173,7 @@ public class SearchDialog extends Dialog
implements OnItemClickListener, OnItemS

         Window theWindow = getWindow();
         WindowManager.LayoutParams lp = theWindow.getAttributes();
+        lp.type = WindowManager.LayoutParams.TYPE_SEARCH_BAR;
         lp.width = ViewGroup.LayoutParams.MATCH_PARENT;
         // taking up the whole window (even when transparent) is less
than ideal,
         // but necessary to show the popup window until the window
manager supports

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1. Does Froyo team get similar issue from developers ?
2. Why Froyo team need such changes for Search Dialog ?
3. Did we get the right root cause ?
4. How will Froyo team resolve this problem ?


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