Customizing in Coming /Out going call screen

by mike » Wed, 10 Mar 2010 15:20:40 GMT

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 hi guys,

i'm having a HTC Tatto which runs on 1.6 platform. i'm trying to build
an application which will customize incoming/out going call screen. i
want to display a full image (animated one or sort of) rather than the
default picture or the picture of the contact person.

and is it possible to hide the call details (like calling number,
contact name) from the screen.
i'hv heard that this is not possible in 1.0 platform. and have seen so
many threads regarding this topic but no one is giving a proper answer
on this.

NOTE :- i'm not developing this for a rooted phone. heard that this
can be done in rooted devices.



Customizing in Coming /Out going call screen

by James Wang » Wed, 10 Mar 2010 20:47:41 GMT

 AFAIK, you can not do it without making your own firmware. Because
Phone App has deep connection with framework.
You should ask this question on android-porting.


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